Girls Varsity Softball · Senior night Varsity softball

9 Roncalli High School
0 Greenfield-Central High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Roncalli High School vs Greenfield-Central High School
9 0
1 -   -
2 1   -
3 6   -
4 -   -
5 1   -
6 1   -
7 -   -
R 9   -
H 17   1
E -   -

I would love to be able to tell you how the 10 senior girls dominated the game and describe all the awesome plays that happened but sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you plan. There were some good defensive plays, Kensie Bradley filled in at SS and made some good plays, Kernya Barrett threw girl out from catcher on stolen base attempt and Jessi Rankin make some good sliding catches. The score total showed Roncalli 9 and Greenfield Central 0 but like with all things sometimes there are more important things to focus on. For example if you listened closely during announcement GC had multiple 4.0 or higher GPA and a few more 3.8 or higher. Half of the girls love the game so much they plan on playing at the next level. Some of the girls played out of their normal position to allow others the chance to play and some even gave up their at bats and yet none of the girls lacked effort when forced to do something new. The girls have different opinions of one another but they are always happy to see their teammate do well and given the chance to do well. There is drama with EVERY team but I challenge anyone to show me a group of 10 girls who have kept the drama to minimum among those 10. One thing life will teach these girls is that you can’t win every time but that’s no reason to have a bad attitude when you don’t succeed. Hopefully, what these girls have been taught is that as parents we can’t keep you from falling down all the time but by God’s Grace hopefully we have taught you how to get back up. It’s been a joy to watch these girls and I wish them ALL the best in whatever path life chooses for them for the rest of their lives. That being said, there are still games left and we won’t be mad at the girls if they prolong the season with each new win. Carmel last home game on Thursday.