GCHS Campus Map & Parking


Parking at GCHS

All visitors to the high school are to park in a marked parking spot on our campus.  There are almost 900 parking spaces available for use at any one time.  There are also more than 20 handicapped accessible spots.

Restricted parking areas include:

  1. Any grassy area on our property.
  2. Along the edge of any lot or drive on our property.  Parking along the bollards is also restricted.
  3. The area around the buildings on the practice football fields, softball, baseball and the soccer fields.
  4. The asphalt walking paths are NOT to be used as vehicle access to specific areas on our campus.
  5. The concrete sidewalks on the north side of the pavilion.
  6. Any area marked with a ‘NO PARKING’ sign.

Parking in any of the restricted areas may prevent emergency vehicles for access an area in the event of an emergency.  We have also had some near-miss accidents where cars are trying to exit and/or enter school property. We reserve the right to tow any vehicle left in a restricted area if the owner cannot be located.