Athletic Paperwork

Greenfield-Central Athletic Participation Forms for 2021 – 2022


IHSAA rules dictate that a physical must be dated April 1st or later to be good for the next school year.  All students must turn in the five (5) page physical form signed by a licensed Indiana Physician and complete the on-line forms listed below to the school they will be attending each year BEFORE they condition/try-out for a sport.

Step 1 – Physical forms:

To access the IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical please visit the High School Athletic webpage (, hover over the “MORE” tab, in the dropdown select Athletic Paperwork located under Athletic Paperwork tab, click on IHSAA Physical 2021-2022 to download and print the 5-page IHSAA Pre-Participation Exam to take to your doctor.  Please put your student’s FULL LEGAL NAME, the 2021-2022 grade level, and completely fill out pages 1 & 5. The doctor must completely fill out page three.  Once completed please turn it into the appropriate athletic office.  

Step 2 – On-Line Forms:

(Please follow these instructions beginning May 17, 2021). Access RankOne Sports on the same page as listed above for the Physical form as described above.  You will need to have your student’s PowerSchool Student ID Number in order to complete the on-line forms.  There are four (4) forms listed on the website.  You will need the appropriate form(s) based on your student’s school activity.

1)  Greenfield-Central High School Athletics

2) Greenfield-Central Junior High School Athletics

3) Greenfield-Central High School ECA, Clubs, & Parking Permits

4) Greenfield-Central Junior High ECA & Clubs

Once you’ve completed the form(s) you need, you will receive an email confirming that each form has been received and accepted.  You do not need to contact the office for confirmation.  Once the form has been submitted and the physical is turned in to the athletic department office of the school your student will be attending next year, you will be finished with paperwork!

Step 3 – Activity & Transportation Fees:

Fees will be billed to the parent/guardian once a student is rostered on a team.  Those fees are due in full before the first competition against another school.  All fees need to be paid to the Athletic Department office where your student will attend next year and academic eligibility will need to be determined by the respective athletic offices in order to complete the full eligibility process.

Please note:  Any student taking Strength & Fitness must have their physical turned into the High School Athletic Office July 23, 2021 to remain in that class for the 2021-2022 school year.



RANKONESPORT.COM – Click here to file athletic paperwork online! (REQUIRED) – Select Fill Out Electronic Forms on the right side of the page.  DO NOT LOG IN OR CREATE AN ACCOUNT! – Simply hover over the Electronic Participation Forms to select the correct form to fill out.




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