Cougars News · COVID-19 Re-Entry Guidelines and Requirements

COVID-19 Re-Entry Guidelines and Requirements


Updated June 29, 2020


Beginning Monday, July 6th, Greenfield-Central High School student-athletes are invited back on campus to participate in VOLUNTARY workouts with their team and coaches.  We are excited for the opportunity to return to campus and will continue to keep the health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches and fans our first priority as we make decisions about our return to activity. It is important that, as we work to form a new normal, we understand the importance of following the guidelines that are set forth.  Please keep in mind that the following guidelines may need to be changed or altered by the Indiana Department of Education, the Indiana High School Athletic Association, the Hancock County Health Department, the Governor’s office or Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation. Please feel free to contact the Athletic Department if you have questions or concerns regarding the plan to return.


If your student-athlete does not feel well, please do not send them to the workout or practice!  It is extremely important, for everyone, that our student-athletes and coaches are honest with themselves and others especially during our re-entry.


  1. ALL practices and workouts beginning July 6th will remain voluntary until August 3rd. Beginning August 3rd, official Fall season practices will start and at that time those practices are mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in Men’s & Women’s Cross Country, Football, Women’s Golf *, Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Men’s Tennis, and Volleyball. * (Women’s Golf official Fall practice begins July 31st).
  2. Pre-Participation Physicals must be turned in to the Athletic Office. As stated previously, your 2019-2020 Athletic Physical will be good for the 2020-2021 school year.** Each student-athlete must also turn in a completed IHSAA Health History Update Questionnaire and Consent and Release Certificate**Please note that a “Yes” answer to any of the questions on the Health History Update form requires a NEW Pre-Participation Physical form to be turned in for the 2020-2021 school year.
  3. Rank One Online Signature forms must be completed.  Visit to complete your online forms.
  4. It is recommended that student-athletes complete a pre-screening EACH DAY prior to being on campus.  This pre-screening will be done via an app that will be pushed out to student devices no later than July 3rd. Parents are asked to monitor the health and well-being of their student-athletes.  If your student-athlete is ill, please keep them home and notify your physician.
  5. We value the health and safety of our student-athletes and the coaches supervising them, and recommend that face coverings for student-athletes be worn when they are not engaged in vigorous activity. If a student-athlete wishes to wear a face covering during activity, they are permitted to do so. Coaches and support staff will be required to wear face coverings.
  6. Social distancing (minimum of 6 feet) will be required at all times and no physical contact can occur during Phase I (July 6-19).
  7. Attendance of all practices will be taken and student-athletes will be assigned small groups. They will be expected to remain with that same group during all of Phase I. 
  8. During Phase I (July 6-19) of the Re-Entry Plan, locker rooms will be off limits.  Student-athletes must come dressed and prepared in the appropriate athletic attire.  T-shirts must be worn at all times.  Personal belongings should be kept in a backpack when possible.
  9. Student-athletes are required to provide their own water bottle and should arrive with plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water fountains, group hydration stations, and water coolers will NOT be available for normal use.
  10. Hygiene: Student athletes must practice proper hygiene – showering at home following each workout, washing hands periodically, using hand sanitizer, washing clothes following each workout and following all health and safety guidelines provided by the coaches. All gear used during workouts must be cleaned and sanitized prior to and following each use.
  11. Following the IHSAA return to play plan, student-athletes are allowed on our campus no more than 15 hours a week during Phase I (July 6-19). Only essential personnel and student-athletes will be allowed in our facilities. If a meeting between a parent and a Coach needs to occur, that meeting must be set up by the Athletic Department. 
  12. Access to facilities is limited to essential personnel and student-athletes only.  Parents and spectators are not allowed on campus until August 15th.
  13. At this point in time we do not plan to open the weight room during Phase I. 
  14. The Athletic Training room will only be used for athletes that are injured or need assistance from the athletic trainer. Athletic Trainers will be wearing face masks when working with student-athletes. It is recommended that student-athletes wear face coverings while being treated in the Athletic Training room. 


If an athlete has been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 or they themselves test positive, please contact the Athletic Office as soon as possible.


Lastly, we know that some people are very concerned about COVID-19 and others may feel like it is time to return to normal.  Team members don’t always have to agree with each other, but we certainly want to respect each other’s view.  We understand that no matter how many precautions we take, there is an inherent risk in picking up the virus.  We are trying to minimize that risk for everyone.  We know that some of our student-athletes live with elderly or people who have compromised immune systems due to a variety of diseases.  We certainly want to help prevent the spread of this disease and other communicable diseases that might jeopardize their health.


Thank you for taking the time to review these guidelines.  Please reach out to the Athletic Department if you have any questions or concerns. We are excited to return, but we want to make sure we do so safely.  Your help is appreciated.  Go Cougars!


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