Multiple Teams · Wellness Check and Athletic Pre-Participation Physicals

Wellness Check and Athletic Physicals



The IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical will be completed as part of the Wellness Physical.  A comprehensive Wellness Physical completed in the doctors office will allow them to enter the medical information into the EMR which creates a baseline or adds additional data to the student’s medical record that can be used if there is a future injury or problem.


April 14th, 2016 by appointment.


Student-Athletes grades 7-12 for 2016-2017.

Parents are asked to accompany their student athlete to the check in table.


Parkway Medical Center – 300 Boyd Avenue, Greenfield, IN (This is the medical building directly behind Hancock Regional Hospital)  The practices of the American Health Network and the Anderson Family Practice will be conducting the Wellness Physicals.  Those student-athletes who are American Health Network patients are asked to go there to see their physician that night.  All other student-athletes will see an Anderson Family Practice physician that evening.


As part of the Affordable Care Act, everyone is supposed to have insurance and it is to include a Wellness Physical benefit that is free to the patient.  All of the doctors are planning to complete the more comprehensive wellness check and will bill the respective insurance plan.  If, for some reason, there is an uninsured student, they would be required to pay the billed rate with a 20% discount up front.  That amount out of pocket for the wellness check would be approximately $120.00 with the 20% discount.  This expense will cover the cost of using the additional staff to input the data and completion of the Wellness Check.  These amounts are estimates and may vary on the day of the wellness check.  Please consult the Dr.’s office for more information.

You may also choose to complete a sports physical.  The cost for the sports physical will be a flat rate of $45 (cash, check, or credit card).

Additional Information:  

Students are asked to sign up for a 15 minute time slot in the Athletic Office.  Students will be given their IHSAA Pre-Participation physical form at the time of signing up.  High School students must sign up in the athletic office.  Jr. High Students may be signed up by a parent over the phone by contacting ConnieJo Harris at 462-9195 ext. 2.  For those families who would like a screening echocardiogram completed, they will be available that night for an additional discounted fee.  There will also be two Orthopedic Surgeons available, Dr. Lavery and Dr. Siewert.

What to Bring:

Student-athletes must have their insurance information with them on the night of the appointment.  Student-athletes must bring the IHSAA Pre-Participation Examination – 2016.  If a student wears glasses or contacts they should plan to wear them that night.  Student-athletes are asked to wear athletic clothes suitable for a physical examination (shorts and a t-shirt if possible).

Benefits of Participation:

In the past, the athletic physical night was held at the high school.  Due to some regulations set forth by local offices and the Affordable Care Act we will not be hosting the In-School Physical night as we have in the past.  Moving this event to Parkway Medical Center allows the physicians to complete a more extensive and comfortable wellness examination which will include the sports physical.  Information gathered during this process will be added to the EMR by the physicians office.  Students are being asked to sign up for a 15 minute time slot that will allow them to show up at the specific time instead of waiting in long lines as they have done in the past.  In many instances this will allow our student-athletes to see their family physician who will already have pertinent background information and know their medical history.  Student-athletes and parents will avoid having to make an appointment during the day (missing work or school) to see their family physician.  The GC Athletic Department will have representatives there to collect documents that evening.

Please note that per GCCSC Board Policy student-athletes will not be allowed to participate in any summer conditioning program or workouts with any team until ALL athletic paperwork has been completed and returned to the Athletic Office at Greenfield-Central High School.

IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Forms must be signed by a Medical Doctor, the student-athlete and the parent or guardian.


There are several locations in town that offer Physical Examinations at a discounted rate for all families regardless of insurance.  The Greenfield-Central Athletic Department and Hancock Regional Hospital staff are working to put together a second night for physicals at the Jane Pauley Center.  The date and times of this event are still being determined.  We will provide more information when it becomes available.