Multiple Teams · IHSAA Changes to Physical Form Requirements



The IHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) is the first and most important step in providing for the well-being of Indiana’s high school athletes. The form is designed to identify risk factors prior to athletic participation by way of a thorough medical history and physical examination. The IHSAA, under the guidance of the Indiana State Medical Association’s Committee on Sports Medicine, requires that the PPE Form be signed by a physician (MD or DO) holding an unlimited license to practice in the State of Indiana. In order to assure that these rigorous standards are met, both organizations endorse the following requirements for completion of the PPE Form:
1. The most current version of the IHSAA PPE Form must be used and may not be altered
or modified in any way. (available for download at IHSAA Pre-Participation Examination – 2016)
2. The PPE Form must be signed by a physician (MD or DO) only after the medical history
is reviewed, the examination performed, and the PPE Form completed in its entirety. No
pre-signed or pre-stamped forms will be accepted.
      The physician signature must be hand-written. No signature stamps will be accepted.
      The Physician signature and license number must be affixed on page two (2).
      The Parent signatures must be affixed to the form on pages one (1) and four (4).
      The Student-Athlete signature must be affixed to pages one (1) and four (4).
Your cooperation will help ensure the best medical screening for Indiana’s high school athletes.